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Linernotes: Pistol Disco

I have tried to capture Pistol Disco in words before.
  I have compared them to Xinlisupreme, Suicide and Spacemen 3. I have taken my laptop outside and fought alongside their sounds in hypothetical riots. I have torn pages from my own boring diary to shreds in a vain attempt to force relations between an indifferent public and their records. I have banged my head against the wall and poured coffee over my already twitching fingers…
  …yes, I have tried nothing and everything to make Pistol Disco appear as text.
  But so far I’ve failed. Failed miserably.
  Perhaps this is because I’m not a good enough writer? Or perhaps this is because Pistol Disco is one of those bands that simply defy easy categorization? One of those bands that must be heard to be understood?
  You tell me.
  Anyway, what I’m getting at is – of course – that Pistol Disco was fucking amazing. When I first heard them in 2005 I fell unequivocally in love. Here was a two person gang driven by a righteous anger, an all consuming frustration and a keen sense of beauty, rhythm and noise – marry me? And when I put this compilation together – a total honour, by the way – I fell in love with them all over again.
  A rare thing indeed. Some artists enter your life with a bang and leave it with a whimper. Most artists disappoint you sooner or later. Pistol Disco, though, they never let me down. They were there when I needed them. They always delivered the electricity and passion I craved. They were, as I said, always fucking amazing. Even right up to the very end.
  So let us not mourn Pistol Disco, let us instead celebrate them. Because what you hold in your hand – dear buyer – is a piece of the massive puzzle that was Pistol Disco. Cherish it forever, play it extremely loud, let it heal whatever ails you.
  Or, more succinctly; enough of my trials and tribulations in the world of letters.
  Enough of my opinions.
  Now it’s up to you. Presenting: Pistol Disco.



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